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Accounting & Bookkeeping Internal Audit Shared CFO / Virtual CFO

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Is your accounting and bookkeeping function making you spend most of your time on routine, time consuming tasks such as recording transactions, processing expenses, generating invoices, collecting receivables, fixed asset tracking and general ledger entries. Isn’t it true that, this heavy reliance on the routine makes it difficult for you to maintain a focus on the larger goal of improving the organization’s financial performance? Treeline has built a large facility with highly skilled team to handle such need including management reporting and analysis. You need not hire and maintain a pool of staffs to do such activities which are not core to your business, thus freeing up resources to reinvest in those parts of the business that are most important for growth. Outsourcing is probably the worthwhile way out to help you focus on your core competencies.

Treeline Finance & Accounting Services – Flyer Dated:31-07-2015

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Internal Audit

There is a remarkable shift in focus by businesses towards continually assessing and evaluating the internal control environment and operational mechanism running across the organization. Also as icing on the cake, the need is felt to assure that it is well designed and effective too. An appropriately updated control framework helps your organization to face rapidly changing business environment. It also provides reasonable assurance to the absence of major risks such as fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement. Outsourcing has gained prominence given the variety of skills that are required to handle the internal audit function in current day context. Moreover, the budgeting constraints involved in hiring the right talent and retaining them is turning out to be a nightmare. Treeline has professionally qualified resources to handle all such business needs for you. Treeline’s core aim is, safeguarding your business interest and institutionalizing a mechanism to continuously improve on operational aspects. We remain unbiased and ensure that you realize deep value from Treeline’s tailor made internal audit program.

Whitepaper- Internal Audit Services Dated:31-07-2015

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Shared CFO / Virtual CFO

Are you looking for an able CFO who is expected to transform your finance function from a mere support to a solution provider? Moreover, apart from working on agreed key responsibility areas, your CFO should be adept in providing strategic and directional support. Also, handling relationship management with stakeholders, ensuring statutory compliance, supporting fund raising initiatives and much more is expected from CFOs, now-a-days. On the whole, CFO function has become a place where business strategy, process and information combine and cross pollinate. In many occasions, having on board such a senior professional becomes time consuming and as well as cost prohibitive, for a large number of small and medium businesses.
Teeline’s niche service offering is aimed to showcase a paradigm shift in this space. Whether your business requires a CFO on a long run or from a project or assignment view point, we make it customized, as what matters to you. Our nominated CFO helps you in transforming your finance function from an analyst to a catalyst. This helps you in a meaningful fashion toward reducing the enterprise’s cost base, increasing efficiency along with quality of information and enabling owners to take better and informed decisions. The most promising differentiating factor is that, a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals form a core team to support the nominated CFO who acts as the primary point of contact during such engagements.

Whitepaper – Shared CFO Services Dated:31-07-2015

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