Consulting & Advisory

Business Process Re-Engineering

Keeping pace with fast changing business dynamics, at some point of time your organization needs fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes, to remain agile and competitive. This is poised to facilitate dramatic improvements across four critical contemporary measures of performance – cost, quality, flexibility, and speed. Treeline’s well-greased working methodology comprises of developing the process objective in-line with business vision, understanding and measuring the existing processes, analyzing the control gaps or weaknesses in the current system, evaluating better ways of doing things, identifying IT levers and designing and building a prototype / blueprint of the new process. Treeline follows a clean slate approach and ensures that the revamped business processes are robust in nature, while embracing best practices pertaining to the specific business nature.

Policy & Procedure Manuals

Policies and Procedures are the strategic link between your organization’s vision and its day-to-day operations. It provides a dependable bridge linking operational need, risk management, continuous improvement and compliance needs of your organization. It sets a positive tone & direction for the organization, provides continuity and consistency in actions & decision making. Also it saves time & effort, assists in new member induction and helps avoid conflict or situations for misunderstanding by eliminating ambiguity. Also, now-a-days many institutional investors and investment bankers prefer looking at well-structured organizations with properly documented policies & procedures, when these organizations envisage broad basing its shareholder base (through private placement) or going public via initial public offering route. Treeline’s unique service offering covers your entire organization, across all functions and departments. Over last few years, Treeline has developed team of well-groomed professionals who have high level of subject matter expertise in this domain, coupled with sophisticated software tools.

Organizational Realignment

Your organization, at some point in time, really needs to introspect and look towards realignment of practices & strategies, in-line with changing business dynamics. Treeline services include preparing industry specific SWOT analysis, creating vision & mission statements, formulating corporate governance policies, drafting corporate social responsibility guidelines, building long-term strategic & tactical plans, and putting together a corporate identity manual.