What is Eagle

Eagle is Treeline’s proprietary platform providing comprehensive analytical solution for private equity investments

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Taxes is among key issues which both LP’s and GP’s deal with on regular basis during private equity decision making

A Secure, Seamless & Integrated platform

provides collaborative end-to-end solution facilitating data collection, analysis, and reporting

Eagle – Private Equity Analytics Platform

Eagle is Treeline’s proprietary Private Equity Analytics platform providing comprehensive analytical solutions to private equity managers and investors. The platform is backed by process developed over two decades of domain experience. Eagle’s secure, seamless and integrated platform provides collaborative end-to-end solution facilitating data collection, analysis, and reporting. Eagle integrates all Fund & Investor related information and uses extensive library of methodologies, definitions, and rules for data analysis and reporting. Standardization of data facilitates multidimensional study at various levels – Portfolio Company, Fund and Fund of Fund level. For Limited Partners, Eagle makes it possible to perform Peer to Peer comparison across the Investment Portfolio – Fund, Industry / Geography diversification etc. The Analytical platform also enables risk analysis through ‘slicing and dicing’ of various fund investments by Geography, Sector, Manager, Currency, etc.

Eagle for Fund Managers

Eagle for Fund Investors

Fund Portfolio Page

Listing of PE fund portfolio with basic information
Single-click excel download
Ability to display and navigate to portfolio company page

Portfolio Company Pages

Qualitative and quantitative information on portfolio companies
Investment strategy, rationale and risks as mentioned by Fund Manager
Entry valuation and valuation movement details

Company Report

Detailed information about a Portfolio Company
Trend charts of key financial indicators
Ability to change period and reporting frequency

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