Family Office & Wealth Management

Family Office Set-Up Support

Emergence of new economic activities coupled with business opportunities have been constantly redefining the business environment landscaping worldwide. Also, there are various uncertainties looming around, if ignored can cause adverse impact to the business. In this context, preserving family wealth and making them grow strategically is a critical area which needs professional attention. Preserving wealth through generations remains the principal aim for families and family offices, around the world. Treeline services in this space are a true reflection of this philosophy toward initiatives ensuring family office set-up, governance mechanism, day to day management guiding principles, etc.Customized services from Treeline are based on broad range of expertise in this domain, are a symbol of commitment toward family entrepreneurship, legacy and sustainable growth. This has been successfully adopted by families around the world.

Investment Back Office

Whether you are a high net worth investor, family office or an investment company, our customized services meets your need in the right manner. Your diverse business need such as financial modeling, analysis, valuation & due diligence of public / privately held companies, portfolio performance & valuation, etc. can very well be handled through Treeline’s unique outsourcing and offshoring solutions. Apart from high standard of quality output, you can very well rely on Treeline for quick turnaround with a short notice. The most appealing value proposition our clients realize is that Treeline team works as an extension of their office, whereas clients need not build a team of skilled business research professionals at a relatively higher cost structure at their end. Whether it is an ad-hoc project based assignment or long term dedicated investment back-office support, your end-to-end business needs are fully met with Treeline’s wide range of services. Rest assured, Treeline has put in place very high standard of data security and confidentiality protection practices toward safeguarding your valuable data.