What is Fams

Treeline has designed and developed a flexible and configurable fixed asset management tracking system (named “FAMS”)

Ability to perform “Depreciation”

users can choose to use their own accounting system for such purposes and use FAMS only for asset tracking

Ability to define sub-assets

for instance, monitor can have “14’ TFT Monitor”, “15’ TFT Monitor”, “CRT Monitor” as sub-types but are maintained as “Monitor” at the outset


Fixed assets are a huge part of any business’s value. There are varying requirements relating to them – from simply reporting asset status to senior management, to submitting status to auditors, donors and executive boards.Accurate tracking of their life cycle is a cumbersome task. It is imperative to track the status and value of your organization’s fixed assets. These assets can be in the form of buildings, machinery, computers and other electronic equipment, office furnishings and so on.


Fixed Asset Management System (FAMS) built by Treeline from the ground up, helps you keep track of all your fixed assets along with their movement inside / outside the organization. It can perform the depreciation computations and generate Excel based reports that can be customized based on your required format. It is built to generate and read barcodes, categorize the assets with special treatment to group items like Computers


Quickly find out the “time in use” of assets by Asset category View the breakdown of ageing of Capitalized and Expensed Assets Glance through the asset counts across locations in a multi-location setup

Asset Register

Generate ‘as on date’ report to view the list of all assets in a single click Filter based on asset category, location or a combination of these View and save Formatted Excel sheet for ready reference


Computation of depreciation of all assets in one click Simply enter the date as on which to compute the depreciation and that’s it ! Computed depreciation values are generated in an Excel file
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