HR & Recruitment

Talented & motivated employees build world class organizations and drive toward sustainable growth. Treeline team endeavor to scan through the eligible and best fitting talents from a competitive marketplace. Over a period of time, Treeline has built databank of suitable talents who are well deserved to join your rolls. Dedicated team at Treeline continuously scan other subscribed databases to freshly pick right candidates, for various job opening we may have for our clients. The differentiating factor is that we look beyond the resume and surface level information, using various selection methodologies including functional, psychometric assessments, reference checks and third party background verifications, etc.

Treeline team does spend time to understand your workplace culture and try to suggest with probable candidates who stand out to be a best fit. It is not merely helping you to fill-up your vacant positions, we thoughtfully plan and work on each hiring assignment so as to have you see deep value in our engagement. That’s why, we are selective by nature, even before signing the hiring engagement with you. Treeline undertake and meticulously handle end-to-end head hunting process cycle which includes skill assessment, talent acquisition and employee engagement support. Additionally, for our overseas clients we provide professional guidance & assistance in hiring documentation, visa process and pre-departure orientation for Gulf & African countries. As a matter of principle, Treeline do not charge any professional fee through whatsoever manner to candidates who avail our assistance in placements.