Business Process Engineering

Business Process Engineering involves how business processes currently operate, how to redesign these processes to eliminate the wasted or redundant effort and improve efficiency and how to implement the process changes in order to gain competitiveness. The aim is seeking to devise new ways of organizing tasks and people and redesigning IT systems so that the processes support the organization to realize its goals

  • Business process study
  • Policy and procedure writing
  • Internal audit and due diligence
  • ERP project management oversight
    • Supporting ERP implementation across various functional modules
    • Defining chart of accounts Overseeing set-up of accounting system

Business Process Study

Treeline offers boutique consultancy solutions to myriad businesses thus helping them with analysis, streamlining and actively support in transformation of the way they do business. The goals might be many, ranging from the need to cut costs, increase profit, identification of new business lines or enhancing the knowledge and experience of the staff & customer, which might include enhancement of the IT tools and processes with which they deal with stakeholders. Treeline, empowered by a team of professionals, help to fine-tune or radically overhaul current manner of doing business. Usually SCM, Accounting, Treasury, HR, Sales & Marketing, Business Analytics, etc. are the functions that come under our purview, for which we have proven expertise.

ERP Project Management Oversight

An ERP implementation is a major undertaking, which requires management to assemble the best possible team to plan, execute and control the project. However, the functional departments have to compromise on the availability of their best talent from their routine jobs. As the priorities change over time and the implementation phase picks up speed, we see conflicts and pressures between handling routine jobs and implementation activities, consequently dragging the implementation timelines. With the help of expert consultants from Treeline, you can add value to the project by outsourcing the project management of ERP implementation activities that could support in deciding on the project scope, managing risks, discovering gaps, project scheduling, monitoring progress, interfacing with other systems and last but not the least, managing chaos and conflicts.

Policy & Procedure Writing

Treeline well-greased working methodology comprises of developing the process objective in-line with business vision, understanding and measuring the existing processes, analyzing the control gaps or weaknesses in the current system, evaluating better ways of doing things, identifying IT levers and designing and building a prototype / blueprint of the new process. Treeline follows a clean slate approach and ensures that the revamped business processes are robust in nature, while embracing best practices pertaining to the specific business nature. Over last few years, Treeline has developed team of well-groomed professionals who have high level of subject matter expertise in this domain and can help you to formalize SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) across the organization.