Information Technology Support

In an ever-changing environment, businesses need reliable IT Support services as the priorities to a business change inevitably. We at Treeline, provide customized IT Support outsourcing services that ensure efficient functioning of your IT Systems. With our depth of experience in handling multi-level and large-scale projects, we can assist businesses to build a scalable and reliable IT ecosystem.
Our portfolio of services include:

  • Infra design, landscaping and cloud hosting
  • Operational support, application development and maintenance
  • Business system evaluation and implementation oversight – ERP, POS, HRMS and accounting packages
  • Helpdesk and troubleshooting.

While building a robust IT setup, Treeline ensures to implement the best security practices in place. The services can be offered in one or combinations of onsite, offsite or hybrid models, depending purely on business need.

Infra Design & Cloud Hosting

With our experience in building data centers for various clients, we offer consulting on hardware sizing and server deployment models that is best suited for the client’s business needs. Treeline can also support in identifying, planning, deploying and managing cloud-based services like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure and its on-going upkeep and maintenance

Operational Support, Application Development & Maintenance

Treeline provide qualified IT support personnel for day-to-day-operations support on a shared basis. The professional shall be available to support all IT related queries and can manage IT vendors negotiating best prices with quality products. We can design, develop and deliver well-tested application programs (web based, mobile based or Windows desktop based) that can eliminate manual interventions, improve productivity and solve complex business problems quickly. We can also extend maintenance support to existing applications. Broadly, our application development service includes:

  • Website design/development E-commerce / CMS frameworks (WordPress / WooCommerce)
  • Native Mobile app development in Android and iOS
  • Custom program development for integration of systems or to handle specific business needs.

Our multi-stage testing model ensures that the code delivered to the client is defect-free, optimized and is in line with well-defined conventions.

Helpdesk and Troubleshooting

Our IT administrator can handle day-to-day-operational issues as well as maintain your servers and network with our dedicated helpdesk support. With a ticketing-based system in place, our helpdesk technicians support in:

  • Answer the calls, WhatsApp messages, Emails and text messages
  • Carefully reads the ticket and confirm the understanding of the issue
  • Clearly tell you the options that are available to resolve the issue
  • Occasionally, the problem on hand may require escalations. They know when to escalate and how to seek further assistance from their level-ups to expedite provisioning of a solution
  • Take ownership and schedule follow-ups to ensure that the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the customer and the ticket is closed.