Investment Research & Due Diligence

Investment Managers and Fund Houses constantly look for the most timely, accurate and cost-effective way of monitoring all their assets. Treeline team can act as an extension of their office, and provide dedicated services covering all the clients assets/liabilities and reconciling the accounts.

Our portfolio of services include:

  • Investment due diligence
  • Financial modelling and valuation
  • Investment documentation and back-office support
  • Investment reporting Presentation and pitch book
  • Saudi market portfolio analytics
  • Deal tracking and Database maintenance.

Treeline assures the highest standards of confidentiality, coupled with stringent information security. We also, allow the client to handpick the team, and maintain a one-on-one relationship working solely on the client account.

Investment Due Diligence

Treelines exposure to due diligence framework encompasses listed equities, private companies and investment fund / fund manager. Our multi-skilled team is capable of assessing the funds entire operational parameters from investment analysis and reporting to process audit and IT infrastructure capabilities. We cover the following areas:

  • Investment process Performance and reporting
  • People and alignment of interests
  • Operations and accounting
  • IT environment including business applications
  • Service providers and security
  • Risk and compliance.

Deep coordination between Treelines team of investment, audit and transaction processing professionals ensures delivery of high standards and quality. Our experience spanning multiple geographies and investment styles has enabled Treeline to not only imbibe industry level best practices but also readily assess the pros and cons of policies / processes followed by funds | fund managers.

 Financial Modelling & Valuation

Financial modelling encompasses a broad range of forecasting and valuation disciplines used across many fields of finance. Models can differ widely in complexity and application: Some are simple one-pagers built to get an estimate of next years net income. Some run into multiple worksheets and project every scenario of a complex deal. Treelines research team is well equipped to prepare detailed forecasts with a wide range of financial models that help businesses in making a decision or and investment or undergoing a corporate transactions such as a merger, acquisition, as capital raise. Our services include:

  • Analyse historical data
  • Derive ratio & metrics
  • Plan on assumptions
  • Project appropriate forecasts
  • Build the valuation model

Presentation & Pitch Book

Pitch book is a marketing device / sales book created by investment banks / corporates. It is a sales presentation that details the main attributes of the investment opportunity at hand, with an aim to secure an investment into a business. The primary purpose of pitch book is to stimulate discussion between current shareholders of the business and potential investors. Treeline can put together a professional marketing presentation that can show case the hard work an entrepreneur and his team have put forth to develop the business, so as to secure growth funding from other investors. Post the investment, Treeline team can help in building feasibility study for growth | expansion, bank funding presentation, budgets, business plan, etc. for the invested entity.

Investment Documentation & Back Office Support

A fund manager, will always look for dependable resources to handle various back office activities with high degree of accuracy. Turnaround time along with capability to handle work load in a cyclical fashion are key factors in keeping operational cost within acceptable limits. Over a period of time, Treeline has developed an in-house expertise and pooled talented professionals to meet such niche business requirements, thus freeing you from allocating your own valuable resources. Some of the activities covered are:

  • Prepare and submit requisite documentation for subscription / redemption of investments and follow up and obtain acknowledgement from fund administrator for subscription/redemption
  • Prepare transfer instructions and submit for execution
  • Follow up with administrators and ensure credit of redemption proceeds
  • Maintain statutory accounting records for the investing vehicle
  • Data input of transactions relating to the fund including drawdowns, distributions, income and expense data, period end balance and valuations from financial statements of the manager and periodically reconcile internal records with information from fund manager.

Investment Reporting

The fund managers shall essentially evaluate the performance of investments and compare them with the investment and return objectives. Such a close watch on the performance of the investments will provide them with triggers which need to be actioned to enhance the performance of the portfolio. Treeline, with its experience in handling similar jobs, will help you in monitoring the portfolio through the following: Liaise with various stakeholders to collate reporting information and perform structured documentation Develop reporting formats for monitoring investments / projects along with reporting procedures including information flow, periodicity and audience Prepare periodical reports and presentations on investment performance for use by management and committee, and Prepare notes for meeting / discussion with company executives, fund managers and partners regarding performance.